Customer & Partner support

Access to professional and responsive support is essential when it comes to ERP systems – our solutions are supported by Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners, and we support our partners when necessary.

Customer Support

Continia Software has more than 7000 active licenses worldwide. In order to handle that number of customers, we have a partner-only model which means our solutions are delivered and supported by Microsoft Dynamics partners. As an end-user, you must always contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner if you need support to one of our solutions. We have many training activities for our partners, and they can always contact us for help if needed for a specific support request.


Partner Support

Continia Software provides written and phone support to all of our partners as well as access to a comprehensive set of online resources for training and education. From the Continia PartnerZone, you can as partner access all resources and find relevant contact information for our support options.


Supported Versions and Releases

We release new versions of our solutions on a continuous basis, and always recommend customers to upgrade to the latest version. For the current and previous version of our solutions, we also release regular Service Packs which is a collection of hotfixes. Support requests typically end up being caused by a misconfiguration or a bug. If there is a bug, Continia Software will either provide directions to fix it or include it in a future Service Pack. For hotfixes and Service Packs, Continia Software will support the current and previous version released, but not older versions. For older versions, customers will be required to upgrade to the current version, where the bug will be handled if it still exists.

Continia Software Solution update strategy

The following update strategy covers all Continia Software solutions.

When Microsoft releases a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (also known as the RTM-version – Ready To Marked), Continia Software will - shortly after - release a compatible version and announce its availability to our partners via email. 
When Microsoft releases a cumulative update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, two scenarios arise:

1. For cumulative update 1, 4, 7 and 10, Continia Software will - shortly after - release a compatible version and announce its availability to our partners via email. 
2. For all other cumulative updates, Solution Managers at Continia Software evaluate the objects changed and, based on their impact on our solutions, decide either to release and announce a compatible version or to skip releasing a compatible version for the cumulative update.

We obtain our Cumulative Updates for Dynamics 365 Business Central from this link to Microsoft and to Dynamics NAV here


Contact Continia Software partner support

Telephone: +45 8230 5000


Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm CET, Friday 8.30am - 2pm CET 
Closed at lunch: 11.30am-12.10pm